Best Gmail Tools to Keep Your Inbox Organized

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Gmail has many built-in features help you keep your inbox organized and save you time and energy. We here at Desktop Training Academy (DTA) wanted to bring you tips to use the best Gmail tools to keep your inbox organized.


Labels can be used to sort e-mails by subject, sender, project, etc. You are able to apply up to 4 labels to each e-mail. To create a label, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of g-mail and select “Settings.” Along the top of the settings window, click on “Labels.” Scroll down to “Labels” and click “Create new label.” Enter the name you want to give your label, and then press “Create.” If you want to create a sub-label, follow the same steps, but after you enter the name of your new label, check the box “Nest label under” and select the label under which you want the sub-label. After creating your label, you can customize it by click on the little triangle that appears next to the label on the main gmail screen on the left-hand side. By clicking that little triangle, you can choose a color for your label, decide if you want the label shown or hidden, and edit or delete it.


Filters are used to sort your e-mails before they appear in your inbox. To set up filters, click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of gmail, and then click “Settings.” Along the top of the settings window, click on “Filters.” From there select the criteria to specify. You can choose to specify who the email is from or to, the subject, if the email contains certain words or doesn’t contain certain words, or if it has an attachment. After specifying the criteria, you can choose what you want the filter to do with the e-mail from following options: skip the inbox (archive it), mark as read, star it, apply label, forward it, delete it, always mark as important, or never mark as important. So, what kinds of things should you filter? Filters are great for online receipts, newsletters & mailings, social media updates, attachments, and reminders.


With Boomerang, you can schedule e-mails to send later and set reminders. To schedule an e-mail to be sent later, write your e-mail like you normally would, then instead of clicking “Send” on the bottom of the page, click “Send Later.” You will be prompted to select when you want it sent. There are generic time frames that you can choose from, or you can choose a specific date and time. You can also choose to remind yourself about an e-mail by selecting “Boomerang this” in a certain amount of time, if you don’t receive a reply. This way you are reminded and are able to easily follow up with an e-mail to which you don’t receive a response. Boomerang can also be used as a reminder. If you receive an e-mail that you want to be reminded of later (for example a bill you need to pay on a certain date), you can set that e-mail to reappear at the top of you inbox as unread on the date at the time you want.

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