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Gmail Inbox Tips & Tricks: A Quick Guide

June 18, 2014 Google Docs  No comments

Gmail has lots of tools built in that help you manager your inbox and do what you need to do more efficiently. Check out these tips and tricks to save time and keep your inbox organized.

Undo Accidental Emails

This setting gives you a few seconds to stop an email if you sent it too early or to the wrong person. To enable this, go to “Settings” and click on the “Labs” tab. Scroll down to the feature called “Undo Send,” click “Enable,” and save your changes. After, this is enabled, you can go back to “Settings” and in the “General” tab, you can select how long you want the cancelation period to be (5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds). Now every time you send an email, a yellow bar at the top of the page will pop up and give you the opportunity to undo your send.

Add a Plus Sign...

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Best Gmail Tools to Keep Your Inbox Organized

December 18, 2013 Google Docs  No comments

Gmail has many built-in features help you keep your inbox organized and save you time and energy. We here at Desktop Training Academy (DTA) wanted to bring you tips to use the best Gmail tools to keep your inbox organized.


Labels can be used to sort e-mails by subject, sender, project, etc. You are able to apply up to 4 labels to each e-mail. To create a label, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of g-mail and select “Settings.” Along the top of the settings window, click on “Labels.” Scroll down to “Labels” and click “Create new label.” Enter the name you want to give your label, and then press “Create...

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Google Docs Tips and Tricks: A Quick Guide to Get Started

November 13, 2013 Google Docs  No comments

Google’s suite of apps offers a variety of ways for you to create and share information. One of the most used and most beneficial tool that Google offers is their Google Docs. Similar to Word, Google docs allows you to create original text documents. Unlike Word, Google allows you to save your docs online so you can access them from anywhere. Another benefit of Google Docs is that you can share the information with anyone online. The following Google docs tips and tricks are designed to help you begin creating and sharing Google docs today.

Types of Google Docs:

  • Document:
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheet
  • Form
  • Drawing

Share a Document with Others:

One of the most useful features of Google Docs is that it allows you to share and collaborate with others...

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Getting Started with Google Docs

October 8, 2012 Google Docs  No comments

Do you find it puzzling to modify documents when working on a group project? Do you get confused which is the most recent update? Learn how to utilize Google Docs to create mistake-free, easy updatable documents for group project use. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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