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Desktop Training Academy is proud to provide great live webinars and outstanding customer service!

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Desktop Training Academy was a great tool to get my excel certificate the webinars were quick and helpful.  I have now been able to create reports and maximize my efficiency in excel to make reporting and presentations better and more understandable to clients.  Not to mention I have become much faster with using the program. 
Michael Warner
Training Manager – Title Alliance

I finally learned great tips to get rid of unwanted emails and inbox color coding and rules!
Karen Parks-Meehan
Florida Healthy kids corporation

The speaker was very knowledgeable and the presentation really organized. Overall very professional!
Deanna Chavez
Pompeo Group Executive Recruiters

I learned how to save time while I develop & update logs for financials and other office date!
Debra Walker
The Felicity Group

I learned how to create rules for Macros and save time on my daily workload!
Dale Crawford
Lauren Engineers & Contractors, INC

This course will help me saving tons of time while I analyze and re-analyze large, ugly spreadsheets!
Julia Sanchez
URS Corporations

I learned multiple methods to create and format tables. This was a great introduction for all of us!
Phil Zinn
PTM Corporation

Finding out tips/tricks that are useful in everyday Excel use is great!!
Thank you for the great program!
Alecia Dixon
Ohio Valley Electric Corp.

Thank you so much for all the help you provided me.  You and your organization truly know the meaning of “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.
Cindy Lou Radcliff
Kranz, Inc




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