Excel AutoFill Handle & AutoFill: How to Speed-Up Your Calculations

July 12, 2012 Excel  2 comments

Have you ever heard of Excel AutoFill Handle and AutoFill? If so, do you know all of the ways you can use it? Learn how to use one of the most efficient tools Microsoft Excel offers and enter data in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the “Autofill Handle” to calculate data for large (as well as small) amounts of data in the quickest way possible.

Excel AutoFill Handle

1. Begin by typing in a formula for a value you wish to calculate (see below in Formula Bar: =G2*0.02). Then, in order to fill in the same formula all the way down the column (using the corresponding data from each row), just double-click on the little black box in the bottom right corner of the active cell. Below the white plus sign (cursor) is covering the little black box. When you hover over the little black box, it will turn into a black plus sign – double-click it.

2. Double-clicking the little black box, also formally called “Double-Clicking the Autofill Handle” automatically inserts the formula (and thus produces a value) in all of the cells in the column until the data (on the left) ends.

This works if you have any data on the left or any data on the right.

You just learned the Excel AutoFill Handle, another shortcut that will make your life much easier!

See you soon for the next trick!

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2 comments to Excel AutoFill Handle & AutoFill: How to Speed-Up Your Calculations

  • Peggy Dilts  says:

    Great stuff! Thank you!!

    • admin  says:

      I am glad you find this useful Peggy! You’ll see plenty of tips, so come back to check us out every week!

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