Excel Tips & Tricks: Multiplication and Fill Down

June 27, 2012 Excel  No comments

Have you ever wondered what kind of “special” things you can do with Paste Special in Excel?  Or maybe you’re only familiar with the CTRL+C/CTRL+V shortcuts for Cut and Paste?  Here are a couple more tricks you can use with the Paste functions.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example.  If you have an Excel spreadsheet with names, hours worked, and hourly wages, like the one below, you may want to calculate how much each employee earns for the week quickly and easily.  Copy the column containing the hours worked using CTRL+C.  Next, simply highlight (don’t copy) the next column containing the hourly wages for each employee.  Now, right click within the hourly wage column, and click on Paste Special

Now, under the Operation heading, click on the radial that says Multiply.  Now, if you click OK, the multiplication calculation will replace the hourly wages.


BONUS: If you want to set up another separate column that contains the calculations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Highlight the blank cells next to the hourly wage cells.
  2. In the Formula Bar, type = [equals] sign.
  3. Click on cell B2 (as shown below).
  4. Press the * [multiplication sign].
  5. Click on cell C2.
  6. Finally, hold CTRL+ENTER, and the calculations will fill down the entire column:

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See you soon for the next tricks!

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