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Why the Desktop Training Academy Blog?

Let’s face it: using Microsoft Excel is frustrating, setting up rules for our Outlook inbox makes us wonder if we should dump emails altogether – We have already enough problems, haven’t we?

The DTA Blog was born with the idea of bringing together our training community and our new friends (you) that are tired of the frustration that Excel, Outlook or even Word can bring to our lives. On the other hand we know how important these tools are for professional development and everyday use, and this is why we are here to rescue you. Our free tips/tricks and easy to follow live trainings will show you real, actionable and effective ways to get faster and smarter with your computer!

Come join the movement!


Why are your trainings different? Why should I pick you for my training needs?

Well, we could go on and on for this question, but let’s talk facts:

  1. Hands down, the best customer service and assistance you can find around
  2. Live, instructor-led, demonstration and real life example packed trainings – no fluff here, you learn from minute 1!
  3. Best experts and instructors work with us to create a customized & interactive training experience
  4. Complete and useful slide-decks and handouts for future reference and guidance
  5. You put your knowledge to test – right away! We have an exercise part in the live event and also an exam after the training to boost your retention!
  6. Great extra resources and help from our community & speakers to keep you motivated and on-task
  7. Awesome value: $199 and you can train as many people as you want
  8. 100% money-back guarantee


How long have Desktop Training Academy been around?

Desktop Training Academy was officially born in June 2011, but before that we were offering our signature trainings under a different name: “Progressive Technology Trainings” – One of our first live Microsoft Excel live webinar was in 2008.


How much are your Live Webinars? How many people can I bring in?

The price for 1 line is $199. This means you can call in to listen to the webinar from one phone line at that price, but at that location you can have as many attendees as you want in the room. If you have different locations, then you should purchase an equivalent number of lines. Call or email us for more info!


What kind of setup do I need to get the most out of your Live Webinars?

 The basic setup is your computer and your phone. If you have a lot of people to train we suggest a projector, a phone, and a computer or laptop with speakers so all can hear.  Also print out all the materials you will receive one week before the training goes live.


Do you offer any Excel Certificate or anything else that can certify my progress?

Of course! We are an Academy after all, right? We offer our Professional Microsoft Excel Certificate, and at that page you can find all the information on that particular product.


Do you offer any money back guarantee?

You bet! All our trainings are backed up with our 100% money-back guarantee. If the training was not what you expected, was too advanced, too basic or simply not good enough, contact us within 7 business days and we’ll refund your purchase.


How is the Live Webinar structured?

Our live webinars are 90-minute in length. We start at 1 PM Eastern Time, there is a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute exercise session and a long and interactive 30-minute live Q&A session (meaning you can actually talk to the speaker and get all your questions answered).  After this, if you are participating in an Excel class, you will have available an exam to put your knowledge to the test right away. Here is an example of Desktop Training Academy marketing material that describes the content of one of our live webinar.

How does one of your Live Webinars look like? Can I check them out before purchasing?

Who doesn’t like free samples?? Our Desktop Training Academy YouTube Channel is here for you: all the videos you see there and also on the DTA Blog are taken from our live events. Sample as much as you want, and learn something while at it too!


Do you offer handouts/printouts/extra material?

We do! Our expert speakers provide us with awesome and detailed handouts that are great not only during the live training, but especially as future reference!

Ok, you got me..But how do I know Desktop Training Academy is really the right choice?

Well, read for yourself: thousands of professionals choose us for their daily training needs!

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